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The Company Pokhara is one of the leading Middle East industrial solutions, Mechanical & Power Transmission Products Distributors. Pokhara provides you the complete engineering solutions that fit your industrial requirements since 2011. Founded to provide industrial automation products, factories and mechanical/electrical spare parts to most known types of industry.
We provide quality goods and services to all of our customers in order to ensure that we can consistently provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Electric Motors

The standard range includes sizes from MEC 56 to MEC 132. The aluminium electric motors have screened bearings with long-life lubrication (2RS type), and are characterised by a compact and linear design that optimises cooling and simplifies installation and maintenance; the modular connection of the fixing feet means the motor can have a side board on the left or right side; the terminal box can be rotated to direct the cable glands in the best direction.
The three-phase motors, single polarity with 2, 4 or 6 poles of 0.75 kW and upwards have a high IE2 efficiency level.

Gear Reduces

The new series of coaxial gearboxes Gearboxes have been studied and developed as compact functional subgroups, which can be fitted together easily in order to give rise to several versions avaiable Diameter of the output shaft up to 100 mm Housings are made in cast iron G25 according to UNI 5007specification, except NHL 20 in aluminium pressure die casting. High termal exchange capacity allow to operate even in heavy duty conditions of applications The whole range of gears are made in case hardening steel High quality sealing for improved leaking prevention.

Power transmission

Reliable, highly compact and a robust choice for any application, this power frequency inverter with high-level functions soundly meets the requirements of a constantly evolving market.

Mechanical transmission

Matched with a large range of gearboxes, they are suitable to modular assembling of flanges, feet and torque arms.With the differential device, output speed can be brought to "zero" speed, when the motor is running.7 sizes, more than 200 versions, with wide range of different mounting positions.The maximum torque up to 160 Nm.Applicable powers vary from 0,12 – 11 kW.

Housing built in die-cast aluminium, designed in order to guarantee lightness, strength and rigidity.Planets and races are made In special steel 100Cr6 and are In oil bath, that guarantee the best conditions of transmission of the motion by friction.High quality sealing for improved leaking prevention.

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The Company Pokhara is one of the leading Middle East industrial solutions, Mechanical & Power Transmission Products Distributors.

Pokhara-UAE based Mechanical trading company specialized in solutions for the industrial automation, Mechanical & Power transmission.

Bonfiglioli Gear Motors, SITI Gear Motors, ELVEM Electric Motors, AC/DC Brake Motors are the product families which are chosen by a growing number of customers appreciated for their premium quality.